Rat Rod Truck: Diesel Dually Dodge, Edition

Rat Rod Trucks aren’t something you get to see every day, so when you really get to lay your eyes on one, taking it all in with several pictures is a requirement. This next rat rod truck is, in fact, an old Dodge, and as you can see, it’s absolutely done and simply where the owner desires it to be.

I was drawn to it right away when I saw this rat at a cars and truck program last summer season. You can see why? I indicate it’s dead hot.

Rat Rod Dodge pickup truck
Rat Rod Truck

This diesel powered rat rod looks substandard, as it should, however, make no error … that turbo diesel runs excellent.

rat rod diesel
rat rod diesel

In numerous of these flights, the ending up touches are over the top. This one is well balanced simply right, with the ideal quantity of devices, without too much bling in your face.

rat rod diesel interior
rat rod truck interior

Generally out of a location on a rat rod of any classification, is a lot of chrome. I will not hold it versus this truck, however, due to the fact that those pipelines serve a function, which, in case you didn’t understand, was to assist this child boogy.

rat rod truck
What is that bottle doing?

Doth my eyeballs lied to me? Or, does that look like a dually?

rat rod diesel truck
View from the right

Here’s a view from the back:

rat rod truck
rat rod dually

Not just a rat rod truck however likewise diesel powered. I’m looking forward to the approaching vehicle program season, and I hope to get pictures of lots of more rats.

Here’s another image, for your drooling eyes. Consume everything in:

rat rod diesel.
rat rod diesel Dodge Truck in all her glory.