Preview Of The Denver Auto Show

We had the great honor of being part of the Denver Vehicle Show Preview Gala. This was an amazing method to see a preview of a few of the new designs and to see some automobiles you will not see on a normal day!

This amazing occasion showcases cars from all makes and models and some that have not been launched like this Toyota Land Cruiser prototype car!

That wasn’t even the coolest car there! They had whatever from Fiat, USSV, Jeep, Nissan, Ferrari, and McLaren! This is was really an honor and benefit to going to. Have a look at these cool vehicles we saw!

And many people think that automobile shows only display new cars! well, we were happily shocked to see some custom cars and trucks there like this Nissan 350Z with snow tracks on it. Making it the supreme Colorado companion.

Since we do enjoy trucks we could not pass up a media event with these SUBSTANTIAL trucks! These are two trucks lifted up so high you might need a mini ladder to climb up into them! Certainly, cool cars and truck to see but it makes you wonder how it would drive?

That is simply a few of the fantastic automobiles we saw on this terrific occasion!