New Dirt Released on the 2017 Duramax 6.6L L5P V-8 Turbo Diesel Engine

New details are beginning to drip in on the revamped Duramax 6.6 L L5P V-8 turbo-diesel for the 2017 GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado HDs.

As we composed on our blog site this previous summertime, we’ve been seeing the 2017 designs carefully, waiting to see simply who will reveal the greatest and worst diesel in 2017.

GMC/Chevy had actually kept information about the 2017 Duramax near to the chest, till just recently when it was formally revealed the next-gen engine more horse power and torque than ever, with SAE-certified 445 horse power (332 kW) and 910 lb.-ft. (1,234 Nm).

The brand-new Duramax ought to permit much easier and more positive carrying and trailering, the business mention, in addition to a 19% boost in max torque over the present Duramax 6.6 L. Officials stated the brand-new design will likewise be quieter, by as much as 38% at idle when compared to the previous design.


How exists such a distinction? Well, General Motors indicates an upgraded Duramax that only shares the bore and stroke measurements of the existing engine, inducing a totally brand-new GM-developed control system. The engine likewise causes brand-new cylinder block and heads, reciprocating assembly, EGR system, and solenoid fuel system.

Even the damped steel oil pan is brand-new and will assist add to a quieter trip.

“Nearly whatever about the Duramax is brand-new, developed to produce more torque at lower rpm and more self-confidence when trailering or carrying,” Chief Engineer Gary Arvan stated in a declaration.”You’ll likewise see the improvement enhancements the minute you begin the engine and value them as you travel silently down the highway– with or without a trailer.”


So what else is brand-new? Well, the patent-pending air consumption system will include a vibrant brand-new hood scoop to the Silverado and Sierra HDs.

The system will enable cooler engine temperature levels when pulling or in extreme roadway conditions, assisting it to preserve speed and power in difficult conditions.

What about the injectors?

Well, we are an injector store, so we ‘d be remiss if we didn’t discuss its light-weight cylinder heads and solenoid injectors.

While the engine will be revamped, it will still keep the basic Duramax aluminum cylinder head style– 6 head bolts/cylinder, and 4 valves/cylinder.

The common-rail direct injection fuel system, nevertheless, will have brand-new high-capability, solenoid-type injectors.

GM reports they’ll have fuel pressure of 29,000 psi (2,000 bar), which need to promote strong fuel atomization for a cleaner burn and lowered particle emissions.

The brand-new injectors are likewise stated to “support approximately 7 fuel shipment occasions per combustion occasion, adding to lower sound, higher performance, and lower emissions. Innovation developments allow less-complex solenoid injectors to provide similar efficiency to piezo-type injectors.”

Need to be fascinating to see how everything plays out with the upgraded Duramax 6.6 L V-8 turbo-diesel.

We faced our own problems within 2015’s design on among our store trucks, so we’re anticipating seeing simply how various this brand-new engine is, and, more notably, how it compares to the other types of diesel in its class.