How To Prevent Diesel Trucks Fuel Gelling In The Winter

Keep Your Fuel System Flowing In the Cold Months

With the Winter season approaching and temperature levels starting to drop, it’s time to begin thinking of how to keep your diesel fuel streaming well through the Winter season. You can avoid concerns that might happen when diesel fuel is left cold and alone if correct preventative measures are taken.


What Happens to Diesel Fuel in Cold Temperatures?

For a fast science refresher, when water reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0 degrees Celsius) it turns and freezes to ice. Coincidentally, at around 32º F and listed below, diesel # 2 can start to take shape and cloud your tank– this is understood as the cloud point and the problem is on the horizon.

Pour Point – Fuel Gelling

Diesel fuel consists of paraffin, an oily liquid likewise utilized as a component to make candle lights. When outdoors temperature levels dip 10-20º F listed below the cloud point, the cooled diesel fuel is going to turn your fuel filter and system into its finest impression of candlelight. When your diesel fuel starts to gel, it stops streaming easily through your fuel system, and your injectors might not be able to provide sufficient fuel.

Be Proactive – Use Additives

Utilizing ingredients can efficiently alter the put points of your diesel fuel, enabling you to brave the cold. It’s finest to begin utilizing ingredients as quickly as the temperature level starts to drop into variety if you live in a location that routinely experiences listed below freezing temperature levels. Including mixes, such as ones offered by Stanadyne, can lower put points by as much as 40º, providing you the self-confidence you require to make the haul in the dead of the winter season.

Use Diesel #1 or “Winter Blend Diesel”

If your fueling station of option provides diesel # 1 throughout the winter season months, this is can be a great short-term option, and can likewise be blended with existing diesel # 2 in your tank to assist lower the put point. Lots of fuel stations likewise provide a “winterized mix” of diesel # 1 and # 2 which can be an alternative for those cold months.

Stay Warm Out There

Whether you utilize ingredients or a winter season fuel mix in your tank, make certain you take note of the weather condition, so you can invest more time on the roadway and less time in the garage.

Stay warm out there!