Ford Ranger Truck Torture-Testing Video Shows Future Potential

2019 Ford Ranger parked in snow
We’ve currently discussed the premium off-roading functions that will be offered on the 2019 Ford Ranger compact truck. When this strong and aggressive truck starts showing up in 2019 we are eagerly anticipating its compact size and excellent technology.But did you understand that the Ranger is likewise constructed simply as difficult as its F-150 huge brother?
This design is being executed at its speeds in the exact same intense, torture-testing routine that the full-size Ford F-150 has actually passed with flying colors.

Whether it’s going through hours of extreme shaking, pulling up a few of the most severe slopes in the nation, being driven over a field of holes (by a computer system, since a human motorist would not have the ability to take it!) or simply enduring desert joyriding at the hands of an expert, the 2019 Ford Ranger will have the ability to take you where you wish to go and beyond.