Chevy Jacked Up Truck Tires and Your Transmission

If you’re considering putting some great huge tires on your lifted truck, remember that you need to make severe modifications to your transmission. Oddly, many people I’ve understood who have actually set up beast truck tires on their lifted truck do not make these modifications. The outcome? They keep eliminating their transmissions and investing a fortune in repair work.

Expense over at Power Stroke Help developed this no-nonsense YouTube video which discusses the phenomenon and what you need to do about it:

So when you begin preparing that lifted truck with an eye on some great huge tires, remember you will likewise require a spending plan the suitable transmission changes. Huge tires eliminate transmissions … unless you properly customize the transmission beforehand for the size and weight of the brand-new tires. And I dislike to break it to you, however, this transmission task ain’t low-cost. So prior to you complete budgeting what kind of lift sets you can manage, ensure you consist of the transmission change as part of that spending plan.

This is likewise something you must bear in mind when you assess utilized jacked up trucks or any jacked up trucks for sale you discover on the marketplace.

If they have bigger tires than the maker advises or than what features the initial lorry, you require to learn if they’ve made the suitable transmission torque ratio modifications. If not, you’ll simply be purchasing a 4 × 4 truck with passing away transmission.