1955 Classic Chevy Trucks Pickup 3100

This light-duty pickup can occasionally still be seen rumbling down the road in the summer season and at car programs throughout the nation. Weighing in at 4,400 pounds, this truck had a 17.5-gallon fuel tank, and the wheels measured 15 inches in size. The wheelbase was 114 inches.

By the time this model made its way onto the marketplace, the truck had actually been in production for seven years. Its launching had actually been in 1948, and the young men who had actually lastly returned from The second world war a couple of years earlier were taking pleasure in the brand-new ability to transport tools and supplies. Chrome accents, engine upgrades, and other choices were offered to make the truck that better. The 1955 Chevy 3100 came with a preliminary price of $1494, which is comparable to about $12,800 today.

Today, trucks are offered as much cosmetic consideration as automobiles, but when this particular model was first produced, cars and truck owners were not normally worried about how they looked, however rather, how helpful they could be. Its optional 256 cubic inches V8 engine brought 145 horsepower, which may appear weak by today’s standards, however, it certainly amazed purchasers of the post-war period.