1940 Dodge Milk Truck Rat Rod

Urban Hillbilly Videos overtook this mean Milk Truck at Wrenchfest in St. Louis, MO.

. This distinct 1948 Dodge Milk Truck from Holland Dairy has actually been returned on the streets with a couple of obtained parts.

1948 Dodge Milk Truck

The owner of the truck had it for about 3 years and was uncertain of what would come of it– he had a vision for it that came to life after being selected for a developing off in Arkansas.

The truck has actually had 21 inches cut off the bottom, and has actually the leading sliced 9 1/2 inches in the front.

It’s got 1934 Chevy sedan fenders in the front and a set of Ford Anglia fenders in the back and the grill was customized made from a set of 1940 Dodge doors …

2 thoughts on “1940 Dodge Milk Truck Rat Rod

  1. Uuufff… beautifull. In my country Hnduras there are not machines likes that. I have an 1979 Mazda 808 (or Savana / RX-3 in Japan) and I’m figthing for to put on the road.

    No be the same like this beauty, but not all people in te world have love for the old schools cars.


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